This week I am pulling the curtains back and giving a glimpse of what it takes to build a business, post-divorce. You’ll hear the lessons I learned, the pivots I made (and re-made), as well as how I faced some of the hard truths of business building (d-e-b-t) and life.

Plus, this episode is a celebration of the culmination of so many things: first and foremost, it celebrates you! The show has reached one million downloads and that’s because you keep tuning in week after week, sharing episodes, and being part of The Divorce Survival Guide Community. There is a special announcement in this episode for you – so be sure to tune in. And, thank YOU!

I am also celebrating how this podcast has helped me to build my audience and grow my business. It has transformed the landscape of divorce and been one of the top resources that women and men turned to in their time of transition.

Finally, I am celebrating how the podcast, and listeners like you, have given me the strength and courage to own my story and share it openly with you. This podcast has been and continues to be a place for reciprocal healing and support. This episode is my thank you to you for helping me get here.

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Uncage Your Business by Rebecca Tracey


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