How to Not Fuck Up Your Kids

In How to Not Fuck Up Your Kids: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO PUTTING YOUR KIDS AT THE CENTER—NOT IN THE MIDDLE—OF YOUR DIVORCE you’ll find everything you need to know in order to protect your children from any potential fallout from this process including:

  • How to tell your kids you’re getting divorced
  • How to ensure consistent co-parenting
  • How to transition kids to a new house
  • How to begin to rebuild your own life after divorce
    …and (so much) more.

This is the ULTIMATE checklist for anyone going through divorce with kids.

This is truly How to Not Fuck Up Your Kids — it’s yours for just $27


Are you looking for more in-depth help to get you through your divorce? 

Most of us don’t have the first clue about how to get divorced, and unless you’re a divorce professional yourself, you’re not expected to know how all this works. 


But you need to get up to speed quickly.
You need an experienced guide on your side


The Divorce Survival Program

So you've decided to get a divorce.

It was the hardest decision you’ve ever made, but in the end you know it’s the best possible choice for yourself and your kids.


And you really want to do right by your children and ‘get this right’ – but feel overwhelmed by what lies ahead and have SO many questions like:

  • When and how do I tell the kids?
  • How (on earth) do I tell my husband?
  • What about friends and family?
  • Should I hire an attorney off the bat? What about mediation?
  • Who should/will get custody?
  • How much support will I get?
  • Will I have to get a job?
  • Should I fight to keep the family home?
  • Will my ex and I ever be friends? Should we?


You’re a smart cookie, but this is an area that most of us know nothing about – so it’s very likely that you need a crash course in divorce, like, yesterday.

You need a guide: a roadmap, and all the checklists!

Oh love, I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Kate Anthony, Your Divorce Survival Guide, and boy oh boy are you in the right place!

I’m the host of the New York Times recommended podcast, The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast, and a certified divorce coach who helps moms get through their divorces with their sanity — and their pocketbooks — intact.

But more importantly, I’ve been through this.

When I went through my divorce I’d been a stay-at-home mom for three years. I had no money, no job, and, if I’m honest, not much of a self.

My marriage had been volatile as hell, but we were committed to getting through our divorce as collaboratively as possible in service of our son.

But I still felt lost and completely adrift, and I had a lot of questions — probably all the same ones you have now — and didn’t know where to turn for answers.

As one of the pioneers of the divorce coaching industry, I’ve been helping women (most of whom are moms) navigate the divorce process for the last decade.

And now, for the first time ever, all of my divorce wisdom is available in one online program.


The Divorce Survival Program

Divorce = the biggest legal and financial decisions of your life in the midst of the biggest emotional upheaval of your life, which can be a terrible combination.

Divorce attorneys, mediators, and financial advisors agree that it’s vitally important to process the emotional fallout of your divorce prior to making any big legal or financial decisions, otherwise you leave yourself vulnerable to an avenging ex, and a predatory family law system.

This is exactly why The Divorce Survival Program is so important to your divorce process.

The Divorce Survival Program will help you:

  • Process the emotional fallout of your divorce so you don’t go into mediation bitter or resentful
  • Understand the difference between litigation, mediation and Collaborative Divorce – and identify which is right for you
  • Tell your husband you want a divorce in a way that doesn’t keep you stuck in a circular conversation for the next three months
  • Tell your kids you’re getting a divorce in a way that won’t completely break them
  • Understand how your divorce will impact your friends and family — and what conversations are appropriate to have with each
  • Create appropriate and healthy boundaries with your ex
  • Learn about dating after divorce and how that will affect you, your kids, and yes, your ex

and more! 

All in a self-paced, self-guided program, housed on a password-protected e-learning platform for your privacy and security.

And while you’ll be doing the work in the privacy of your own home or office, at your own pace, you’ll be supported by a community of bad-ass fierce AF women who are doing it virtually alongside you. 

But the most important thing this program will help you do is protect your children from any unnecessary fallout from an ugly and contentious divorce litigation.

And that, my love, is fucking priceless.

This program is 100% for you if…

  • You’re a mom looking for a clear roadmap to a divorce that won’t destroy your kids
  • You’re looking for answers and a roadmap
  • You understand that divorce is a long game
  • You’re willing to put away your boxing gloves
  • You want this to be a respectful and collaborative process in service of your kids
  • You understand that divorce is, first and foremost, an emotional process and you’re ready to ‘go there’

On the other hand, this program is not for you if…

  • You’re bitter, angry and out for revenge on your ex
  • You’re looking for legal and financial advice only
  • You’re still trying to decide whether you should stay or go. (If that’s the boat you’re in, you want this program here.)

Are you ready to learn from one of the world’s top divorce experts and set yourself on the path towards the best possible outcome?

Yeah, y’are!!!

JOIN The Divorce survival program TODAY

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What’s included:

  • Video lessons detailing everything you need to know to navigate the divorce process in the healthiest way possible
  • Supplemental worksheets and resources to help you lock in your learning and map out your path to personal growth
  • Exclusive interviews with top experts in the industry available nowhere else
  • A private Facebook community where you can ask questions, share experiences, and get (and give) support

Sounds like just what you need to get you through this process, doesn’t it?

That's becasue it 100% is

Special Guest Experts include...

Kate Anthony is the perfect combo of your best girlfriend, the momma you never had and that wise old spirit woman that only speaks to you in your dreams.

- SH


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