Gaslighting in the Media: Dangerous Misinformation in Time Magazine

Recently I was asked for a quote by Time Magazine for an article about gaslighting.Here’s what they asked for:What to say to the personWhy it’s effectiveAny tips on delivery/do you leave right after/how do you follow-up/etc.Here’s what I submitted:“Because true gaslighting is deliberate, there’s usually nothing you can say to them to get them to stop. Gaslighting is a tactic […]

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The Definition of a Narcissist and Why You Don’t Really Need to Know It

“Is my husband a narcissist?”I hear this question allllll the time from my clients.And I get why — because they desperately want to make sense of their partner’s crazy-making behavior. They’re searching for something concrete to latch onto that explains why they feel so damn crazy.Since you’re here, I’m thinking you can relate…Maybe your partner makes you feel like everything […]

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Setting the Record Straight on Parental Alienation and How to Fight It

We need to have a serious conversation about the insidious and dangerous term “parental alienation.” If you’re going through a divorce with a toxic spouse, you might have heard this phrase thrown around in court. On the surface, it sounds legitimate and intimidating. But here’s the thing… It’s a load of crap.“Parental alienation” is a claim used by abusers to manipulate the […]

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Want a Divorce? To Get Out of Limbo, YOU Have to Take the Wheel

Are you feeling stuck in limbo, contemplating what to do when you want a divorce? As a divorce coach that empowers women going through divorce, trust me when I say you’re not alone.  Because here’s the thing — women in cis-hetero relationships have to do everything. Literally everything. And we’re exhausted. The invisible weight of life’s tasks is relentless, and […]

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Don’t Let THIS Be the Reason You Stay in a Toxic Marriage

Are you trying to decide if you want to leave your toxic marriage?Maybe you’ve had enough. Enough of…The lies.The confusion.The controlling behavior.The explosive outbursts.The walking on eggshells.And most of all — that feeling that no matter WHAT you do, it’s never good enough.You can’t take it anymore. You know you deserve to be treated better. So you finally tell your […]

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Moving on After Divorce: Why Letting Go of Your Ex Is So Important

Is your emotional attachment to your ex husband keeping you stuck in — well, a MARRIAGE — even after you’ve decided to divorce?You may still be walking on eggshells to keep your ex happy…Or letting them control the narrative with your kids…Or allowing them to call all the shots — even if you disagree…Or leaning on your ex for emotional […]

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