Laura Friedman Williams was a happily married, stay-at-home mom of three children. She had plans to grow old with her husband. Then she discovered her husband was having an affair and found herself single after 27-years. Faced with the choice to consider her life over or reinvent herself, she chose the latter. Today, she shares her explosive story of sex and dating after divorce. 

Laura is the author of Available: A Memoir of Sex & Dating After a Marriage Ends. In her book, and during our conversation, she shows that it is possible to be independent, a good mother, and have a great sex life all at the same time.

Show Highlights

  • Laura shares her story of her marriage ending – almost overnight. (10:49)
  • When a marriage ends, “You think it’s one thing and it never turns out to be that simple.” (13:51)
  • Laura was so focused on her children’s healing, she came to a sudden realization that she could not continue to be who she was for her kids without taking care of herself. So, five months after her marriage ended, Laura decided to begin dating again. (22:05)
  • Laura shares her first experience with sex for the first time after divorce, “I don’t know how this is done. But I am going to make this happen.” (25:27)
  • Sex should not be a subject that is taboo or shameful. (39:22)
  • What dating looks like for Laura three years after her divorce and why commitment is not something she desires. (45:33)
  • Advice for women who are just getting back into sex and dating following divorce. (51:07)

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LFW is the author of Available, which was a #1 bestseller in books on Divorce on Amazon, and has been featured in The Daily Mail. She has also written pieces for Vogue UK and Best Magazine in the UK. 

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