When you are a caretaker on both sides of the coin – caring for your children, as well as, aging adults,  and then throw in going through a divorce; things just can get really overwhelming.  My guest, Laurie James, is a mother, caregiver, divorcée, turned author and transformative coach. In this episode, we get to the heart of what it is like living in the space between holding on and letting go.

Laurie’s debut memoir, “Sandwiched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting Go” captures her story of the eight year period in her life when she suddenly found herself caring for her parents, managing unruly caregivers, raising four daughters, and trying to understand the choices of her husband she thought she knew.

Show Highlights

  • What it means to be a part of the sandwiched generation. (3:13)
  • Laurie shares her story of divorce amidst being a caretaker for her parents and children. (5:23)
  • When you’re in therapy to “fix him,” and find out, “Oh shit, I only have control over myself.” (16:49)
  • “It took time. Accepting my mom’s state and that she was never going to be there for me again. It was also accepting my marriage for what it was. And then it was about learning the importance of self-care.” (18:41)
  • Advice for people going through major life obstacles or being stuck “in between.” (27:36)
  • Why leaving her marriage gave Laurie the freedom to write a book and do all of the things she is doing, today. (38:37)

Learn More About Laurie:

Laurie James is mother, caregiver, divorcée, turned author and transformative coach. She has successfully launched her four daughters into adulthood and has been the primary caretaker for her elderly parents. Laurie has learned through therapy and other healing programs that she has everything she needs within her to create the life she desires, and she wants to bring that knowledge to other women. She is training to become a Martha Beck certified coach and expect to receive her ICF (International Coach Federation) credential in July 2021. Laurie enjoys coaching women who are searching for happiness and helps them discover what that means to them. An active community volunteer, she cochairs a youth program for high school students, exposing them to a variety of career paths before they apply to college. She’s an active member of a collaborative giving circle that pools donation dollars to help Los Angeles-based nonprofits.

Laurie graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a BS in business and held a position as a corporate recruiter before she stayed home to raise her children. She lives in Manhattan Beach with her adopted husky, Lu. When she is not walking her dog, volunteering, promoting her book or coaching, she can be found skiing, sailing, hiking, doing yoga, spending time with my girlfriends or planning her next adventure.

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