Allison Raskin’s book Overthinking About You is the first of its kind that talks about dating and mental health. This week, Allison joins me for a conversation about talking to a potential partner about mental health topics, why caring for your mental health when dating is important, and some tactical strategies to help you be better prepared to tackle dating and relationships with confidence.

Allison is a comedian, a mental health advocate and the host of the popular “Just Between Us” podcast, and co-creator of a YouTube channel by the same name. Join us for this insightful and important conversation.

Show Highlights

  • Why talking about dating and mental health is not commonplace (and why it should be) (2:14)
  • How to open up about mental health with a potential partner (9:45)
  • Creating a safe space for dating and caring for your mental health (12:35)
  • Allison stresses the importance of self-soothing techniques before you start dating (18:16)
  • Online dating tips and strategies (40:25)

Learn more about Allison Raskin:

Allison Raskin has written and developed multiple TV shows and created the original scripted podcast Gossip. A vocal mental health advocate, Allison also runs the mental health-focused Instagram account @emotionalsupportlady.  She knows the challenges of navigating romantic relationships with mental health issues firsthand. She was diagnosed with OCD at 4 years old and also lives with a general anxiety disorder.

Resources & Links:

Allison’s website
Allison’s book
Allison on Instagram
Emotional Support Lady on Instagram
Just Between Us podcast


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