This week, we are covering all things domestic violence, law enforcement, and the court. Joining me is Kelli Blackburn, a San-Diego County based attorney specializing in high-conflict domestic violence, child custody, and divorce.

Together we talk about domestic violence and the legal implications and give a full explanation of what domestic violence is and how it can intertwine with welfare services. We also explore the underlying litigation that may or may not come from a domestic violence case.

Kelli shares in detail what to do if or when you find yourself in a domestic abuse situation – including how to navigate a restraining order. If you’re experiencing any kind of domestic violence, please listen to my conversation with Kelli Blackburn.

Show Highlights

  • How to best educate yourself about domestic violence if you are currently experiencing it.
  • Clarifying what domestic violence is and what it encompasses.
  • Obtaining a temporary restraining order: everything you need to know.
  • How to know it is time to call a shelter and/or get out of a situation immediately.
  • Things to be aware of when you do leave, seek help, or go to the police, especially if children are involved.
  • The purpose of an emergency protective order and who can issue one.
  • What you need to know when law enforcement responds to a domestic violence call.
  • Victims don’t decide to prosecute or not prosecute. That is the role of the district attorney.
  • Why it’s important for victims to have attorneys who are professionals in domestic violence.
  • Know your audience: be aware that not every audience member of the family court will understand your action or inaction in a domestic violence case.

Learn more about Kelli:

Kelli Blackburn is San-Diego County based attorney specializing in high-conflict domestic violence, child custody, and divorce. She was born in Northern California, but has been a Southern California resident for over a decade. She attended California Western School of Law, in downtown San Diego where she earned her Juris Doctorate. Throughout law school Kelli interned with the San Diego County Public Defender’s office where she gained invaluable litigation experience. After graduating from law school, she ran a boutique law firm in La Jolla, California, where she became the main litigator and the Managing Partner in just 2 years.

In the last 2.5 years, Kelli has represented over 1,000 clients and handled numerous criminal defense, and family law matters. She has also defended and prosecuted several Civil Harassment Restraining Orders. Kelli prides herself on her work ethic, tireless dedication to her clients – always working to achieve their objectives; her unwavering loyalty to resolution of their legal issues; and her paramount focus on the result of your case and your future.

She has been recognized by both the American Academy of Attorneys Top 40 Under 40, and The National Trial Association Top 40 Under 40, for her success, results, and experience.

Resources & Links:
Kelli’s website
National Domestic Violence Hotline


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