As you know I’m a huge fan of the co-parenting app, FAYR. Today I have FAYR’s founder and CEO, Michael Daniels, as my guest. (ICYMI, FAYR is a collaboration app for co-parents, available for both iPhone and Android.)

I adore Michael and his app because he’s not just a tech-dude trying to ride the app wave. He’s a divorced dad who has personally shared the experiences of FAYR’s users — including those navigating complicated and contentious litigation. Michael literally created FAYR out of his own personal need.

In this episode we talk all things divorce, co-parenting, and working with a legal system to create a smoother transition for all parents and their children.

 Show Highlights

  • Why Michael created FAYR, plus he explains what the acronym FAYR means (2:39)

  • Some of FAYR’s features including geo-tracking, screenshots, and expense tracking (6:18)

  • Why communication is the key to bettering any situation (10:00)

  • The importance of keeping your side of the street squeaky clean, how a co-parenting app can help you do that, as well as how the app can aid with divorce proceedings (14:31)

  • Some advice for co-parents who are just at the starting line of their co-parenting journey (16:00)

  • The transition from being a married couple to being co-parents is hard (20:00)

  • The difference between FAYR and other co-parenting apps (26:42)

  • How using an app like FAYR can help ease co-parenting anxiety (27:00)

Learn More About Michael:

Born in Syracuse, N.Y., Daniels grew up traveling the world while his father served as a United States Army Officer. An All-American athlete and avid outdoorsman, Daniels set a world record at age 12 as the youngest person to  hike the 135 mile Philmont trail in New Mexico. He now lives in Weston, Fla. A custom homebuilder by profession, Daniels, 39, created FAYR to provide parents with a simpler, more effective way to track and keep logs that are  required to prove custody schedules and events, child expenses incurred, written correspondences, and timely arrivals to pickup or drop-off children all while saving time, money and anxiety.

Michael is uniquely and strategically suited to successfully bring Fayr to a national market.  He is a divorced dad who has personally shared the experiences of Fayr’s users, including and especially those navigating complicated and contentious litigation and living the day to day life of a co-parent. His personal experience enables him to personally connect with Fayr’s end users and their lawyers who are Fayr’s primary clients.

What is equally important is Michael’s prior success and commitment in business.  It was the same kind of commitment, drive and determination Michael brings to Fayr which rapidly propelled him to a senior management position while in his mid-twenties with the Miami-based Lennar Corp.  After Lennar, Michael spent ten years creating a thriving business building and designing one-of-a-kind multi-million dollar homes. The same focus on precision and quality that was the cornerstone of Michael’s successful home building career, is now brought to Fayr.  This focus along with his personal experience ensures that the Fayr business model is built with equal attention to success and quality.

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