Today I am bringing you an interview with Adèle Théron. Adèle is an author, trauma and divorce specialist, founder of Naked Recovery and runs an award-winning 21-day divorce recovery program called The Naked Divorce. We have an amazing conversation about anger and how powerful of an emotion it can be for women to embrace.

So, let’s talk about anger for a moment. It is such a misunderstood emotion.  Anger management is really just anger suppression. In emotional abusive situations there is shame around anger. But as Adele explained, anger is a very important emotion for restoring self-esteem, self-love, getting out of depression and more. The beauty of anger is that it can blast through all of the noise. It gives you passion again. It cuts through all the deadness and resignation.  Your anger might just be your greatest gift this holiday season. Tune in to find out more.

 Show Highlights

  • The goal in going through a divorce is to get to a place of genuine forgiveness (4:31)

  • Divorce is shame-based trauma and what that actually means (5:48)

  • What is required to heal from divorce (9:38)

  • The unbelievable weirdness from your community in the face of your divorce (14:07)

  • The relationship between anger and trauma (16:35)

  • The most dangerous aspect of divorce trauma is avoid healing from it (21:14)

  • Catharsis therapy and how women can work with their anger (29:06)

  • There is no dial for your emotions, if you suppress one emotion you suppress them all (31:58)

  • To genuinely forgive somebody you have to work out what you are angry about first (37:53)

Learn More About Adèle:

Adèle Théron is an author, Trauma and Divorce specialist. She is the founder of Naked Recovery which provide online treatments from PTSD and she runs an award-winning 21-day divorce recovery program called the Naked Divorce. She resides in Thailand, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and serves her clients globally.

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