Jessica Frew is the co-host of the podcast Husband In Law.  Along with her husband and ex-husband, they share their stories of love, marriage, coming out, infidelity, divorce, and co-parenting. Jessica and her ex-husband were married for just over a year when he came to terms with the fact he was gay.  They then remained married for another seven years.  In this episode, Jessica shares her extremely unique and openly loving story of divorce.

Show Highlights

  • Jessica’s unique and wonderful experience with divorce and co-parenting. (2:19)

  • The boundaries shift with almost any co-parenting relationship. (4:32)

  • Why it’s important to not compare your divorce with another. (6:15)

  • Understanding your partner’s issues are not about you. (9:07)

  • How has being an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has affected Jessica and her co-parenting relationship with her husband. (11:54)

  • There is more freedom in personal responsibility. (23:36)

  • Navigating religious culture in the face of divorce. (29:02)

Learn More About Jessica Frew

My ex-husband (Steve) and I were married for just over a year when he came to terms with the fact he was gay.  We stayed married for another 7 years.  We were happily married but there was a side of Steve that he needed to explore and be authentic to. When we divorced, we discussed how we wanted our divorce to look for ourselves and for our daughter. We have been able to stick to that plan.  I have been remarried now for 6 years and have 2 step kids.  My husband (Matt) and Steve get along as well.  We do birthdays, family dinners, holidays, and vacations together.   They even take our girls out on double dates.  It is such a blessing.  Matt’s ex-wife does not like us, despite our efforts to have a good relationship with her.  We have learned to set firm boundaries in order to protect ourselves and our children.  I have learned so much about what it really means to be a stepmom.  I have learned to let go of control to not take offense when mud is slung my way.  It is a hard roll to find your place in because it is one you never expect to hold.  Together my husband, ex-husband, and I are sharing our stories of love, marriage, coming out, infidelity, divorce, and co-parenting in our Podcast Husband in Law.  We are doing this to help individuals view themselves and others in a new light so that they can see not only their own self-worth but also the worth of others.  We are changing how people view themselves and others to create more understanding and stronger relationships.

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