This week we are talking about all things step-parenting.  Tracy Poizner, the founder of the Essential Stepmom Podcast, joins me to explore this topic. Tracy and I discuss becoming a step-mom, how to prepare yourself if your ex-husband introduces a stepmother into your child’s life, and how to create an environment for your children to feel safe and loved within their newly formed blended family.

Show Highlights

  • It can take up to seven years to settle into being a step-parent. (3:11)

  • Some advice for women preparing to become a step-mom. (5:30)

  • How to blend house rules between bio children and step-children. (15:05)

  • So, there’s a new woman in your ex’s life: Tracy talks about how to prepare for this new situation of sharing your children with another woman. (26:03)

  • Recognize this is a place of growth for you, love is not a finite thing – your children will never have less love for you because they have a step-mom in their life. (30:47)

  • We discuss family constellation therapy and the orders of love. (32:00)

Learn More About Tracy Poizner:
Tracy is the host of the weekly Essential Stepmom podcast, heard in 54 countries worldwide where she offers unconventional advice and inspiration for The Womanly Art of Raising Someone Else’s Kids. Having been a stepmom for 14 years and an alternative healthcare professional for over 20 years, she has a special perspective on emotional healing and how to meet our own personal needs as stepmoms in the everyday chaos of this challenging lifestyle. Tracy’s blog is available at her website,

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