When it comes to divorce and alcohol abuse, weaponizing the disease of alcoholism is the worst thing you can do — not only for the individual being accused but also for your children. Today, Chris Beck, VP of Soberlink, joins me for a discussion about how Soberlink is empowering co-parenting relationships and keeping families together — even after divorce.

In this conversation, Chris and I take a deep dive into the alcohol monitoring system Soberlink and learn how it is used as an empowerment tool that helps build trust between divorcing parents. Soberlink allows you to have peace of mind that your children are safe while with your ex, while keeping communication lines open as well.

Show Highlights

  • How the testing system works, and when to use it. (3:00)

  • Why random testing may not be ideal in a custodial environment (6:00)

  • What happens if there is a positive test during parenting time. (8:42)

  • Soberlink is not a punitive or oppressive tool, it is a unifying tool. (10:00)

  • Reducing the stigma of alcohol use. (13:25)

  • How the results are tracked and how Soberlink works within the family law court system. (17:37)

  • COVID-19 and how it’s affecting cases involving alcohol abuse. (23:06)

Learn More About Chris Beck:
Chris Beck is the VP of Business Development for Soberlink Healthcare. Chris’s primary responsibilities include working with Family Law Judges, Attorneys, and Health Care Professionals across the country to educate them on Soberlink’s modern approach to alcohol monitoring for Child Custody Cases. He has led over 25, 1-hour educational presentations and continues to find new opportunities to raise awareness around alcohol monitoring and child safety.

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Proof. Protection. Peace of Mind.

The Soberlink remote alcohol monitoring system consists of a portable breathalyzer with wireless technology for real-time results. With proven use as the leading choice in child custody cases since 2011, we are the only system that combines:

  • Court-admissibility in all 50 states

  • Facial recognition

  • Tamper detection

  • Easy-to-read Advanced Reporting™

Trust the Experts in Remote Alcohol Monitoring Technology™ to support the best interests of the child in your Family Law cases.