This week I welcome to the show the anonymous woman behind the popular and informative Instagram account, Narcissist_Survivor. The purpose of the account and their work is to expose the truth about narcissists, which is also what we do in this episode. We discuss the complexities of being in a relationship with a narcissist, share red flags, and go deep on the topic of high-profile cases and narcissistic abuse.

Show Highlights

  • Red flags to watch out for when it comes to narcissists and dating (6:21)
  • The patriarchy’s effects on relationships and mental health in today’s world (8:52)
  • Narcissists may use the court system to perpetuate financial or post-separation abuse (16:04)
  • Examples of narcissistic abuse in high profile cases such as Gabby Petito and Johnny Depp/Amber Heard (21:00)
  • Abuse is not an anger management problem (30:45)

Learn more about Narcissist_Survivor:

Narcissist Survivor is an outspoken expert, advocate, guest speaker, specialist and consultant on narcissism, narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and abuse recovery.

Narcissist Survivor began in 2013, typing the words “Am I crazy?” into the search engine, and seeing the word “Narcissist” for the very first time.

That began three years of voracious study on narcissism, NPD, Cluster B Personality Disorders, Adverse Childhood Experiences, trauma, Complex PTSD, child abuse and neglect, as well as formal Domestic Violence training, and continuing education on these important issues.

This in turn gave way to the creation of @narcissist_survivor on Instagram which now has over 183k followers in 2015.

Find help, resources, information and support in your recovery from narcissistic abuse on Instagram @narcissist_survivor

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery phone sessions are offered within North America.

Resources & Links:
Narcissist_Survivor on Instagram
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