Mickie Zada is a change-agent, a content creator and an advocate for women who have escaped domestic abuse.  Her passion is to inspire and empower survivors in their transition to safe, healthy lives.

Mickie speaks openly and honestly about living in domestic abuse for 34 years (she says she stayed waaay tooo long at the dance!), the reality of her mind-set during that time (most of the time she was married, she didn’t recognize that she was an abused spouse) and her belief that we create our reality.  She says that there are as many excuses for remaining in abuse as there are women who stay.  She chose to believe it was her Calling to help her ex-husband stay between the lines.  Now she recognizes that she was not responsible for his life, the only person she could change was herself.  She always had the option to leave; she chose to stay.

Finances, false security, personal insecurities, potential loneliness, responsibility for children, fear for safety… these are all reasons to stay.  Once we leave, we see that none of those excuses were valid.  As victims we bond with our excuses, we accept them as real.  They are not.

Mickie is a strong believer in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s statement, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”  She teaches that the only way to change the cycle of abuse is through personal growth.   Abuse victims become survivors when we accept the reality of our past experiences and use those lessons to continue growing and sharing with others. Changing the way we look at our past creates the opportunity to change our lives.  And, to inspire others.

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