My friend and colleague Sandi Herrera joined me to talk about how she married and divorced the same man twice, everything she learned in the process, and how understanding and honoring her core values has helped her evolve as a woman, mother, and business-owner.

In this episode we talk about the true meaning of values (NOT what you’ve been taught!), how the human brain is actually naturally wired towards negativity, and how you can work to re-wire yours towards positivity, as well as the story of how she married and divorced her ex husband not once, but TWICE!

In the show, Sandi mentions 8 questions she asks herself each morning to help train her brain towards positivity. You can download those here.

About Sandi Herrera:

Sandi Herrera is on a mission. Her passion is to improve children’s education by fostering strong school cultures.

She is an entrepreneur, inspiring thought leader and school-culture coach transforming the culture of education across America.

Sandi is the Founder & CEO of Got Core Values, a nonprofit designed to deliver executive leadership coaching and school-culture consulting with the objective to teach school communities how to create their unique core values and infuse those common values into every facet of school life.

Sandi’s career focus has been “culture first”, knowing that a positive working and learning environment is the key to success. She discovered her passion and her niche as Culture Ops Diva at Tony Hsieh’s (Zappos CEO) company Delivering Happiness. Today, she helps educators reconnect with their inspiration, and use that inspiration to connect with their students through active engagement, not just education.  She is helping schools become happy, engaging places to work and learn!

A TEDx speaker, Sandi is a highly sought after thought leader, talk-show guest and speaker who has inspired attendees at various education seminars across the country.  Her volunteerism includes being an active board member for Vegas PBS, the Women’s Engagement Council, What’s Next Nevada as well as Create A Change Now, Girls In Tech and the Andson Foundation.

Sandi grew up in the small town of Big Bear Lake, CA.  She is mom to a high school sophomore, an avid skier and yogi.

Sandi earned her dual Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Marketing from California Lutheran University, she is one of 400 global Certified Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaches, one of less than 300 global Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants and one of the 13 Founding Genius School Global Educators.

Sandi brings a wealth of knowledge both from the private sector as well as her work within K-12 and higher education on what it takes to create high performing strategies for the success of the entire school community.

Where to find Sandi:

Instagram: @schoolsandi + @gotcorevalues

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