As co-parents, sometimes we just need a third-party element for communication, especially in a high-conflict situation. The co-parenting app space is growing day by day — and you already know I am a huge fan of these types of apps. So, when I learned about Bianca Balogh’s app, Peaceful Parent Messenger, I was intrigued. It’s a communication tool for all co-parents but especially those in high-conflict situations. Y’all, this app is a gamechanger.

This week, Bianca joined me to talk about her inspiration for creating the app, her difficult co-parenting journey, and how it led her to create something positive from her struggle. She designed the app to give users the ability to set boundaries – that’s right, it helps you set boundaries – as well as setting a waiting period between messages to create more harmony and calm for co-parents.

Show Highlights

  • How Bianca came up with the idea for Peaceful Parent Messenger. (4:40)
  • Gives you the ability to place a limit on the number of messages you can receive within a given timeframe. (8:09)
  • “You’re setting boundaries that are protecting yourself. It’s not a punishment to the other parent.” (11:27)
  • The better solution is you keep the lines of communication open, but start limiting it so that you can be a happier person and a happier parent. (15:01)
  • The biggest struggle for high conflict co-parents: communication. (18:35)
  • Bianca offers ideas on how to get your co-parent to actually use the Peaceful Parent Messenger app. (21:57)
  • “I just felt like there was nobody helping me. And I felt really angry about that. So I took all of that emotion, all of that energy; and I put it into this app to create something that would help me and other people.” (28:41)
  • Healthy communication should be at the forefront of co-parenting relationships, because in the end we all want to be happy, but also for our children so that we can be good guides and be examples. (39:49)
  • Setting boundaries is self-care. (41:54)

Learn More About Bianca:

Bianca Balogh is the mother of two children and the creator of Peaceful Parent Messenger, a co-parent communication tool for iPhone (and Android in the Fall of 2021).

Bianca was inspired by her difficult co-parenting journey and decided to create Peaceful Parent Messenger to help co-parents with the ability to set communication boundaries. Having been on the receiving end of nasty, inappropriate co-parent communication, Bianca designed Peaceful Parent Messenger to give users the ability to set boundaries such as limiting the length of messages and setting a waiting period between messages to create more harmony and calm for co-parents.

Bianca is a nurse and an entrepreneur who believes in creating the change you want to see in the world.

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