Caroline Dooner has written one of my favorite books, The F*ck It Diet. This book is for chronic dieters who want to heal their relationship with food. Yes, hello! She joined me on the podcast this week to talk about her book, rejecting diet culture, and why, as a culture, we are so addicted to dieting.

The majority of our culture is stuck in a brainwashing assumption that food is bad and dangerous.  If you’ve been on a million diets, and feel out of control with food, this episode (and Caroline’s book) is for you.

Show Highlights

  • What drives our obsession and addiction to dieting. (5:27)
  • Why it’s counterintuitive to our nature to restrict food and not trust our body’s appetite and cravings. (10:30)
  • Do diets actually work? Here’s a hint: NO! (13:44)
  • Restricting food is really bad for your mental health. (21:17)
  • Weight stigma is outright unhealthy. (38:21)
  • The patriarchal influence on women’s bodies, diet culture, body image, and intuition. (40:50)
  • Why it is unhelpful for us to have guilt and self-punishing beliefs about food and about eating. (53:14)

Learn More About Caroline:

Caroline is a writer, humorist, and the author of The F*ck It Diet, a book for chronic dieters who want to heal their relationship with food. She is currently writing her second book on toxic self-help and burnout.

Resources & Links:

Caroline’s website
Caroline on Instagram
Read the beginning of The F*ck It Diet for free from


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