This week I am bringing you a solo episode! As I continue to roll out weekly episodes, you’ll hear more solo episodes, like this one, from me.  And of course, I’ll continue to produce interview episodes as well. Weekly episodes means more support and resources for you; and more fun for me. Win-win!

This week I share a training I did as a webinar last year about whether or not you should stay in your marriage for your kids. This is one of the BIG topics I get asked about all the time. Of course it is. It’s the biggest conundrum we all face

If you’ve been mulling over this particular question, I know you’re feeling a lot of uncertainty — about your future, about your present.

You’ve heard horror stories and maybe people in your family and community are telling you you’re selfish for even thinking of leaving, and you think surely you should just suck it up and stay for your kids.

And despite everything everyone’s saying, more than anything you just want to know that whatever you choose, your kids will be ok.

As a mom, you put them first in everything. Every move you make for yourself and your life you put through the filter of “what’s best for my kids?”

So how can you possibly make a decision about your marriage without putting them first? Without considering how this will affect them? Without the deepest fear that if you decide to leave your marriage, you’re going to break them?

If the idea of leaving is just as terrifying as the idea of staying, what should you do? In today’s episode I’m going to reveal 3 vital truths about whether or not leaving your marriage will screw up your kids, and then I’m going to dig deeply into each one.

Here are just a few of the topics I touch on in this episode:

  • You deserve to be happy, and why your happiness is actually vital for your kids’ mental health

  • Divorce doesn’t screw up kids. How we do divorce screws up kids.

  • Why I had to leave my marriage, for my son

  • Keeping your own side of the street squeaky clean (aka co-parenting with integrity)

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