My guest this week is Quentin Hafner. Quentin is a Marriage and Family Therapist who works with couples and men in his private practice in Orange County, CA.

In this episode Quentin and I dissect the biggest question of all:

Should I Stay or Should I Go

In the course of this conversation we cover:

  • Quentin’s 6 non-negotiables in a relationship and what they should really mean for you.

  • How we’re approaching men about going to therapy all wrong and how to better invite them into the process.

  • Quentin’s view of the 3 most common reasons people leave marriages—and if they’re actually good enough reasons to leave.

  • My view of the 3 most common reasons people leave marriages and—if they’re actually good enough reason to leave.

  • Why the fact that 68% of second marriages fail and 73% of third marriages fail really matters to the choice ahead of you right now.

  • Why 69% of marriages are ended by women, and what men can do to not be a casualty of that.

And MUCH more!!

About Quentin Hafner

Quentin Hafner is not your ordinary therapist.

He works tirelessly to help husbands and wives in relationships to feel massively more content, greater levels of peace, and overall more satisfied to be together than ever before.

If you’re struggling with:

  • A marriage on shaky ground and you can’t seem to stop fighting.

  • Issues of infidelity or feeling suspicious of trusting your partner.

  • Feeling stagnant or that your marriage is stuck in a rut.

  • Not sure if you should stay together, or end your relationship.

As a licensed therapist, Quentin combines his experience, education, and proven results with real-world practical guidance, easy-to-implement tools, and measurable solutions to help people reach their goals and dreams.