Kundalini Yoga provides you the chance to be more introverted, relate more to your subtle nature, heal your inner wounds, and navigate your intuition system. When you check-in with your intuition, as Kundalini helps you to do, you inherently get answers to some of your deepest, most difficult questions, including, “Should I stay or should I go?”

As we enter the final week of sex and intimacy month, I am talking with Libby Lydecker about Kundalini Yoga, and how it can help awaken your intuition and help you lead a more intimate life. We also discuss sexual alchemy, including what it is (it’s more than just about sex) and how to harness it. Libby Lydecker (aka Dya Kaur) is a Kundalini Yoga teacher of 13 years, a Spiritual Life Coach, a conscious Sexuality Podcaster, and an International Retreat Leader. In this episode, she helps us to understand just how powerful women can be when they do the inner work and bring out their power from within.

Show Highlights

  • What is Kundalini Yoga and how it differs from other forms of yoga (5:00)

  • You can’t give your power away to anyone else, fixing yourself is inner work. (14:00)

  • Addiction recovery and Kundalini Yoga. (22:06)

  • How Kundalini can be used to heal divorce trauma and how it provides an eagle-eye perspective to help you move through it. (27:17)

  • Every woman carries a ferocious power within them, waking up into that power is the way we will transform ourselves and society. (35:15)

  • There is nothing wrong with justifiable anger, but Kundalini asks you to consider what you can do with that anger? (38:00)

  • Sexual Alchemy, what it is and how we can harness it. (39:46)

  • Feeling sexually confident at any age and why it is your birthright to experience sexual pleasure. (51:38)

  • How to invite men into the healed power of a woman. (54:00)

Learn More About Libby Lydecker: Libby Hudson Lydecker aka Dya (pronounced Daya) Kaur (like car) is a Kundalini Yoga teacher of 13 years, a Spiritual Life Coach and a conscious Sexuality Podcaster (Sexual Alchemy with Dya Kaur) and International Retreat Leader.  Through the technology of Kundalini Yoga, and conscious self authorized empowerment, she helps guide her students and clients to find their solutions from within. Our best answers are found when we give our higher self space and freedom from the clutter of our conditioning and social prescriptions.

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