This week’s episode is centered around relationships – surprise! Okay, while it’s not really a surprise that we are talking about relationships on a podcast about divorce, we do talk about a phrase that is a hot button topic and one I haven’t explored in the show much yet: toxic masculinity.

I searched far and wide for the perfect person to have a conversation about this topic and I found him. I am pleased to introduce you to Matthew Solomon, a relationship and empowerment coach, specializing in intimacy and communication and the author of “Man School: Relating with Women in the #MeToo Era.” By the way, everyone needs to get this book. It’s amazing.

In this episode Matthew and I share our views on the definition of toxic masculinity. And then we dive deep into the waters of relationships, intimacy, connection, and communication and how to make it all work, by doing the work. And I know, it’s painful to live without connection. If this episode does one thing, I hope it helps you realize that connection in a relationship is possible.

Show Highlights

  • Matthew’s definition of toxic masculinity and my perspective on the term (plus why I think it needs a “rebrand”) (7:22)

  • The importance of adjusting the way you communicate so others can receive it (11:14)

  • Women are not men, we have different experiences and when we acknowledge those differences we can better communicate (19:20)

  • Sex and relationships: we’re not taught about sex and intimacy; it’s an important part of relationships, yet we don’t know how to be intimate or settle in with each other (25:32)

  • Why consent is HOT (33:37)

  • Chivalry is honoring womanhood (38:14)

  • The four steps of listening and listening beyond the words (49:25)

  • The future of marriage, relationships, and communication as described by Matthew (53:12)

Learn More About Matthew:

Matthew Solomon is “The Coach for the Modern Soul,” a relationship and empowerment coach, specializing in intimacy and communication. He is the author of “Man School: Relating with Women in the #MeToo Era,” which was an Amazon #1 new release in 6 categories, writes the weekly column, “Too Sensitive,” for The Good Men Project, is an award-winning filmmaker and father of 3. In addition to his private coaching practice, Matthew is regularly invited to speak on panels on the topics of diversity and inclusion.


Matthew’s website

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Matthew’s book: Man School: Relating with Women in the #MeToo Era

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