Divorce comes with many harsh realizations. Once the dust starts to settle, lost friendships or friendships that no longer feel supportive can be the most painful realizations. What the hell happened to your friends? And how do you make new ones? My guest, Daniel Herrold, is the Co-Creator of DivorcedOver40, an online community that provides resources and real-life testimonials to divorcees over 40 years of age. 

There are several aspects to Daniel’s story that are poignant, like his deep respect and commitment to his ex-wife (the woman who stayed home for many years raising their children), as well as the story of how he created a new community with people he’d never known before.

It is my hope that by sharing stories such as Daniel’s, you’ll see what is possible after divorce. Sure, it may not always be rainbows and unicorns. But rebuilding a community is possible and can come pretty darn close to magical too.

Show Highlights

  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with people who are going through a divorce, who understand it, or who have been through it. (7:31)

  • What happened to your friends? Some of the realities of friendship, including lost friendships, post-divorce. (8:12)

  • Why should you focus on self-care, healing, and establishing that friendship group to help the healing process, instead of dating or thinking about your next partnership. (12:21)

  • Daniel’s story of recognizing the opportunity cost of his ex-wife being a stay at home mom and what that meant for them post-divorce. (19:58)

  • How to put resentment and emotional baggage aside and show up with integrity. (26:30)

  • Why Daniel created DivorcedOver40, building a community of nonjudgemental peers. And why it is not a matchmaking site. (36:21)

Learn More About Daniel:

Daniel is the Co-Creator of DivorcedOver40, an online community that provides resources and real life testimonials to divorcees over 40 years of age. Daniel is a resident of Tulsa, OK and has been divorced nearly two years now and has three daughters.

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