A few weeks ago, I posted in my Facebook group that I was going to write a flip book called, Not Your Fucking Job. And it was going to be a very simple book about all the things that are not your fucking job to do for your spouse or partner. You know, things like:

Helping him heal his childhood wounds?

Teaching him how to be a good parent?

Proving your worth or proving your love to him?

Or keeping him from cheating on you?

You get the idea. 

Well, in this week’s episode I am going to go through about 8-10 scenarios of things that are not your fucking job and explain why you need to stop carrying allll of the weight in your relationship.  

After you listen to this episode; if you realize you are doing these things, understand you are doing them out of some need to control.  So what IS your job: to uncover why you’re doing these things and then work to fix it, for you — not for him or for anyone else, for you. Only in this way will you have a chance at healing your marriage, or having an amicable divorce.

Here are just a few of the topics I touch on in this episode:

  • Why it’s not your job to heal your partner’s childhood wounds 

  • Allowing your partner to make mistakes and clean up his (or her) own messes

  • A reminder that it is not your job to beg him to love you or treat you well

  • Why it’s not your job to lose weight, gain weight, dye your hair or get a boob job in order to feel as though you are enough for someone. Only do these things if you WANT to, for you

  • What IS your job in your relationship

Resources & Links:

Fed Up, Gemma Hartley
Co-Dependent No More, Melody Beattie
DSG Episode: NOW…he wants to go to therapy?

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