It’s therapy month on the Divorce Survival Guide podcast! ICYMI: I’ve decided to organize podcast episodes into monthly themes, and right now, we’re in the middle of Therapy Month!

Joining me to discuss all things Imago Therapy for couples is Dr. Sarah Schewitz. Dr. Sarah Schewitz is a licensed psychologist specializing in love and relationships and is the founder of the successful online psychology practice, Couples Learn.

Imago therapy is a specific style of relationship therapy designed to help conflict within relationships become opportunities for healing and growth. My ex-husband and I were in Imago therapy before our divorce, and well, it didn’t save our marriage. But what it did do was provide us with a way to communicate compassionately and lovingly during our divorce.

Imago therapy opens compassion wells, and it allows for a deeper level of communication.

Sarah is an expert on the subject. In addition to discussing Imago, we also chat about why therapy (individual or couples) is so vital for your healing. Sarah puts it perfectly when she says, “Most of us are just unconsciously reacting to circumstances that are triggering our past childhood wounds without realizing it. If you can gain that awareness, you can then choose, ‘Do I want to react this way or not?’ And that’s healing.”

 Show Highlights

  • How remote couples therapy works (4:28)

  • Misconceptions around childhood trauma and how they impact current relationships (6:59)

  • The definition of trauma and conflict trauma (9:11)

  • How Sarah addresses the panic-stricken husband who didn’t realize things were ‘that bad’ (14:15)

  • Imago therapy and Imago dialogue: what it is and how couples can use it for a more profound level communication (16:58)

  • More on the Imago dialogue and why the respect for your partner’s availability is so important (22:00)

  • Sarah shares how she approaches therapy with someone who has been in an abusive relationship after abusive relationship (25:12)

  • How to elicit a conversation about childhood wounds using Imago Dialogue, with a real-world example (51:26)

“Whether the relationship stays together or not, investing in yourself is never a loss.”   Dr. Sarah Schewitz

Learn More About Dr. Sarah Schewitz:

Dr. Sarah Schewitz (pronounced Shevitz like Manischewitz wine) is a licensed psychologist specializing in love & relationships and is the founder of the successful online psychology practice, Couples Learn. She has been working with couples and individuals to improve their love lives for over 10 years now. In 2019, Sarah was named one of Datezie’s most influential dating experts and one of the top 3 marriage counselors in Los Angeles. Sarah has been featured in articles for outlets such as Readers Digest, Playboy, Bravo TV, AskMen, Self, and more. Dr. Sarah’s private practice is relatively unique in that she is one of the only doctoral-level couples therapists whose practice is 100% online.

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