I am back after a month-long hiatus from the podcast. So where have I been? Well, I had COVID-19. Yup, it seems like I was 2020’s personal punching bag. In this episode, I tell you about my experience, how I caught it, and what happened to me. I also go into why letting your guard down, even just a little bit, is like gambling with your life. COVID is no joke.

If my story can save anyone else from getting this virus, I’m happy to share my experience. Thank you so much for hanging in with me, for all the support, emails, and the well-wishes. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

I did want to share one note about the holidays and divorce: I know the holidays are a difficult time for many.

Keep the focus on your children. Do what’s best for them, even if it means collaborating, coordinating, and doing the shopping for an ex who may be dropping the ball.

How it goes this year is not how it will go every year. This is a process. So if you’re in some situation that’s pissing you off, you can get through it, and you can make changes moving forward

I’ll be back in January 2021 with new episodes, new content, and more. Until next time, sending my love.

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