Someone submitted this anonymous question to my website:

My son often asks for his daddy. I don’t know what to say to him. It breaks my heart because I’ve done everything I can to bridge the gap and encourage his father to be a part of his life. But he’s totally absent. Only visits maybe 20hrs a month sometimes less. Can you give me any advice on what to say to my son about where his father is? Why he isn’t here etc?

These kinds of questions break my heart. According to Psychology today, “…24 million children live in biological father-absent homes— in the United States alone. And 1 in 3 children grow up without a father.” What this means first and foremost is that you are not alone.

This episode gives top-tips for handling these questions, some of which depend on age and development, but most of which can apply across the board.

At the end of the episode I break down the difference between divorced and single moms, and why I no longer EVER call myself a single mom.