This week I welcome back returning guest and friend, Quentin Hafner. You may have first heard Quentin in the episode, Should I Stay or Should I Go, which is my most downloaded episode to date! So, since he is such a likeable guy (and a serious rockstar therapist), I thought it would be great to have him back.

I often get emails from men who don’t know where to turn after being told by their wife that they want a divorce. And, you know what, sometimes I don’t really know what to tell them. But I do want to help them. So Quentin joins me to talk about some things men can do (or mindsets to adopt) that may help them save their marriage.

Show Highlights

  • Evaluating whether or not there is something you can do to keep your marriage together; aka determining if the “door” truly is closed (8 minutes and 15 seconds)

  • Some reasons a husband may resist fighting for his marriage (10:55)

  • Quentin shares why going through his own divorce was one of the best thing that happened to him (14:12)

  • We learn incredible life lessons through pain; and sometimes there is no way to get through to a partner other than devastation (14:52)

  • Take the early warning signs seriously (16:39}

  • When your wife asks you to go to therapy with her, go because she may not ask again (18:03)

  • There is a right way and a wrong way to fight for your marriage (20:20)

  • Be willing to work through issues, to change, and to ask for help (23:07)

  • There is nothing more lonely than the feeling of loneliness in a marriage (34:13)

  • Most men are conflict avoidant and why knowing that can help women bring their partner closer to them rather than push them away (36:07)

  • Women need to feel safe and secure before engaging sexually, it is in their DNA (40:42)

  • Quentin shares a little bit about his book, The Black Belt Husband (42:46)

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Learn More About Quentin:

Quentin Hafner is not your ordinary therapist.

He works tirelessly to help husbands and wives in relationships to feel massively more content, greater levels of peace, and overall more satisfied to be together than ever before.

Quentin helps those struggling with:

  • A marriage on shaky ground and you can’t seem to stop fighting.

  • Issues of infidelity or feeling suspicious of trusting your partner.

  • Feeling stagnant or that your marriage is stuck in a rut.

  • Not sure if you should stay together, or end your relationship.

As a licensed therapist, Quentin combines his experience, education, and proven results with real-world practical guidance, easy-to-implement tools, and measurable solutions to help people reach their goals and dreams.

Quentin is currently launching a month-to-month group coaching program for husbands in which he’ll walk men through the Black Belt Husband system, month by month. More info here.


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