I am excited to bring you my interview with my dear friend, Wendy Sterling. Wendy and I are talking about healing and reclaiming ownership of your voice and identity after divorce. Wendy is a Divorce Recovery Specialist, a certified life coach, writer, author, and speaker who founded The Divorce Rehab™.

Wendy and I are book-ends when it comes to divorce and coaching. I work with women before their divorce, and Wendy works with women after divorce and helps them build their life back up.

In this episode, we discuss the idea that divorce can be an empowering experience. Yes, it’s emotional and downright hard. And, when we get to the heart of the matter – divorce is a breakdown.

But to get to the breakthrough, you have to sit through the breakdown first.

I hope that this episode is a reminder to allow yourself to experience the pain and work to get to the other side. Because it may just be the best thing to ever happen to you.

Show Highlights

  • Wendy’s story of divorce and the realization that divorce can be an empowering experience. (3:59)

  • Comparing your relationship to other relationships is unhealthy and unnecessary. (14:01)

  • When Wendy’s marriage was over, she realized she no longer needed to continue doing things that didn’t fulfill her. (19:09)

  • Why you should get curious about what is coming up when you are working to find your voice and identity. (24:27)

  • What inspires Wendy to do the work she does with divorced women. (28:11)

  • The Divorce Rehab™ – a five-step process that focuses on using tough love to move through the pain and fear of divorce more quickly than if you do it alone. (33:11)

Learn More About Wendy:

Wendy Sterling is a Divorce Recovery Specialist, a certified life coach, writer, author, and speaker who founded The Divorce Rehab™. Wendy helps divorced women recover from their divorce by remembering who they are and what they are capable of by ending their pity party, mourning their marriage, and MOVING FORWARD with dignity to see how much better life is afterward.  She believes divorce can be an empowering experience that women go through to find their true identity and voice to create the life they want instead of the life they feel stuck with.  Wendy is a graduate of UCLA and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from The Co-Active Training Institute.  She is also an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation. Wendy is a divorced, single mom who transformed her own life from Corporate America employee to entrepreneur and currently lives in Sherman Oaks, CA with her two boys and dog.

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