Divorce is complicated — emotionally, legally, and especially financially.  When it comes to your money and divorce, there are many things to consider, like: Who should keep the house? Or How should you divide your assets?

Today, Shawn Leamon, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and author of Divorce and Your Money: How to Avoid Costly Divorce Mistakes!, joins me to discuss the financial complexities of divorce. Shawn believes people getting divorces should thrive, not just survive. In fact, it’s his mission to help divorcers across the country flourish.

It may not feel like it now, but divorce is not the end. Instead, it’s a new beginning. During our conversation, Shawn and I walk you through what financial questions and items you should consider so you can make the right decisions today in order to prepare for your future.

 Show Highlights

  • What women who feel financially stuck can do to move forward with divorce.

  • The importance of understanding your expenses, some of the checklists available in Shawn’s book, as well as what you should be tracking and why.

  • Shawn’s top 10 must follow divorce tips, including, “Face reality, head-on.”

  • Keep the big picture in mind. What do you want to do right? Have a plan or vision for yourself.

  • Create a marital history, from a financial perspective and why Shawn recommends you should do so.

  • An important reminder for couples who share an iCloud account: If you share an account with your ex, disconnect and start your own account!

  • Your attorney is an essential person in this process, but you’re still in charge.  Also, you want the right attorney for your particular situation.

Learn More About Shawn Leamon:

Shawn Leamon is an MBA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and host of the Divorce and Your Money Podcast. He is author of the book Divorce and Your Money: How to Avoid Costly Divorce Mistakes

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