It’s the final episode of Therapy Month! (But don’t worry, I’m sure there’ll be another one down the road!)

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about complex trauma with therapist and trauma expert Gwynn Raimondi. We usually think of trauma as a big, life-changing episode that happens to us, like an assault, or rape. Life was one way, the event happens, and life is forever altered.

But complex trauma is different. Gwynn defines complex trauma as anything that happened when we were young that had a negative impact on our development. Gwynn is a therapist specializing in complex trauma, grief, embodiment & intersections, and in this episode, we discuss the various ways trauma can show up and how it impacts relationships.

 Show Highlights

  • Gwynn defines trauma and offers several different examples of trauma (6:39)

  • Complex trauma: anything that happens when we were young (8:00)

  • We discuss the trauma response and what is happening in our brains (10:00)

  • How trauma impacts your relationships, plus Gwynn describes the four attachment styles (22:35)

  • Body-centered mindfulness work and nervous-system regulation helps create a window of tolerance (15:11)

  • Addiction is a coping mechanism (31:23)

  • Collective relational trauma and how it impacts the way we relate to other people and impacts our relationships (43:22)

  • How trauma affects our physical bodies (56:00)

Learn More About Gwynn Raimondi:
Gwynn is a therapist specializing in complex trauma, grief, embodiment & intersections. She is systems focused and explores how the greater world impacts and influences individuals, how the trauma we have experienced influences our relationships with others, ourselves, and the world, and how living in our current patriarchal, authoritarian, white supremacist culture exacerbates the lived experience and ancestral trauma that lives within us.

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