I asked a friend who is going through a divorce what I should talk about on this week’s episode. He said I should talk about cravings.

And he offered what he meant by saying this, “Given the shit happening in the world, we turn to safety, fantasy, and imagination to numb our true selves and we give up the authentic fight.” How beautiful is that?

There is so much happening in the world right now.

And my friend is right, we numb out as a way to escape. We numb with food, drinking, or shopping. When it comes to relationships, we numb out by fantasizing about other people; hoping they are the cure for a troubled marriage. Turning to other people, places, or things will not lead you to true fulfilment. Doing so simply covers up the pain, momentarily.

Succumbing to cravings is giving up the authentic fight.

What happens if you just sit still with all of the shit that is happening in your life; what if you gazed into all of your own holes and examined them for what they are? What if? 

What might be possible for your relationship, for your marriage, or most importantly, for you? That’s what I am talking about this week on the podcast. I hope you tune in.

Here are just a few of the topics I touch on in this episode:

  • Why a marriage is not responsible for fulfilling you 100%

  • Discernment work is so complex, but necessary

  • The importance of recognizing your own ‘made-up’ stories and changing the narrative

Resources & Links:

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