Scholarships and Financial Support

Program Scholarship Fund

While my programs are offered at a fairly low price-point, I am keenly aware that women who are in crisis, are questioning or leaving their marriages, or are otherwise in transition often have limited access to the funds required for them to do the work offered in my programs.

In a few posts in my private community women asked if I could set up a scholarship fund so that those who have gone through my programs, or who are otherwise financially able, might be able to support those who are unable to make the financial commitment at this time.

This kind of generosity—of women helping and supporting women,—is exactly what I love and stand for in this world.

My online programs cost $497. If you can help cover the cost of one program (or a portion of a program) for a woman in need, your contribution could make all the difference in the world.

If you are a woman who wants to do one of my programs but can’t afford the full price, please apply for a scholarship below.