The hits just keep on coming, don’t they? I’m recording this show a few days after the shooting in the synagogue in Pittsburgh. I’m realizing that by the time this show airs, we will have probably been hit by even more atrocities. This is relevant to today’s show because I will be discussing trusting your intuition; trusting your gut, and knowing where to find that.

I’ve never specifically identified as Jewish, but I am. I’m half Jewish. Part of the reason I never identified as Jewish is because, at a very young age, I was told I wasn’t really Jewish because my mother wasn’t Jewish. I learned this partly because I dated a boy at the age of 14 and his parents sent him to Israel for the summer to get him away from me. To be fair, his family members were Orthodox Jews.

As many of you know, I am an empath and I am really trying to tap into my intuition, which is linked to my empathy. After the synagogue shooting, I shut down. I actually slept for 10 hours straight, and on Sunday, I was dead to the world. I could hardly function because I was so exhausted. I asked myself in my innermost knowing why I was being so deeply affected by the shooting. The answer I heard was that even though I don’t normally identify as Jewish, there was a generational trauma I was experiencing. I looked at the pictures of my Jewish relatives on my wall and thought about my great-grandfather studying the Torah, and about my Russian grandmother who escaped on a refugee ship. The idea that none of this lives in my DNA is silly. I was able to tap into my family history so I could mourn and grieve.

Show Highlights:

  • Kate shares how the rise of anti-semitism in our country is negatively affecting her personally.

  • Rhian Lockard’s class, Divine Communication, is helping Kate to tap into her inner guide, or “inside team.”

  • Kate says to reach down deeply inside yourself to answer difficult questions.

  • Call in your guides, and ask them the question. What is the first thing that bubbles? That will be your answer. Listen to the part of you that bubbles up.

  • Kate says that when you ask yourself the difficult or scary questions, they will be the most important questions/decisions you will ever make. Hear the bubble pop and just listen. That’s how you connect to your inner guides.

  • Trust yourself and trust your inner voices.

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