Dawn Dais, author of The Sh!t No One Tells You… series joins me on the podcast to talk about the things nobody tells you about divorce. Her most recent book The Shit No One Tells You About Divorce takes readers along on her bumpy, meandering, and often absurd journey through the destruction of life exploded by divorce as she tries to figure out what happened… and what happens next. In this episode, Dawn shares her divorce journey, her experience writing her latest book, and some of the lessons she’s learned along the way. 

Featured topics include:

  • You have to process your thoughts and feelings about divorce eventually, otherwise, it all catches up with you and impacts future relationships (11:29)
  • Dawn takes us through what she calls the seven stages of divorce: Denial, Glee/Booze, The Blame Game, Netflix and Cry, All the Therapy, The Hoe Phase, and The Shrug (13:07)
  • The biggest lesson of Dawn’s divorce, as a co-parent, was “I can’t be done with this person. We have to come back to the table and redefine how we are to each other; for our kids.” (40:37)
  • You are going to walk away from a divorce with different narratives and you have no control over what their narrative is.  (44:08)
  • Dawn answers, “Do you feel there are different dynamics with parenting, relationships, and divorce coming from the perspective of LGBTQ+ couples? (48:32)

Learn more about Dawn:

Dawn Dais knows all about life’s rollercoasters; in fact, she’s made a career of writing bestselling books about them. Whether she was going from couch potato to marathoner, navigating pregnancy, or tackling parenting, her books have become go-to guides for honest, been-there-done-that wisdom delivered with wicked humor. But what do you do when life blindsides you with a challenge that is decidedly less entertaining?

After 12 years of domestic partnership, five properties, two children, and 10 pets, Dawn and her partner decided to call it quits. In THE SH!T NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT DIVORCE: A Guide to Breaking Up, Falling Apart, and Putting Yourself Back Together, Dawn takes readers on her bumpy journey through a life exploded by divorce. She dodges legal hurdles, irrational decisions, alarmed therapists, random hobbies, and a concerning number of dating app profiles that look like the beginning of a true crime podcast. Leaning into the mess, Dawn helps readers learn the art of embracing “Netflix and cry,” the healing power of profanity, the importance of assembling the right support squad, how to survive the sh!tshow of co-parenting, and much more.

THE SH!T NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT DIVORCE is a true-to-life and funnier-than-it-should-be guide that helps readers navigate a life blown apart and embrace the unique opportunity to put things back together in better ways.

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