Dear Men,

If you find yourself on this page, it’s likely because you relate to the content I share on social media and on my podcast.

Many of you tell me you’re “the woman in your relationship.” No you’re not. Being the victim of abuse doesn’t make you less of a man; you simply relate to the systemic relationship issues that statistically impact women more often than men. But men can still be victims, and women can still be abusers.

Because there’s such an enormous discrepancy in the number of men who abuse vs women who abuse, because I am a survivor of abuse myself, and because I work mostly with women, I mainly speak to women in my work. But that doesn’t mean that what I say doesn’t apply to you. Quite the contrary. 

If my content resonates with you, I invite you to simply switch genders in your head as you read and listen along, and know that I am, in fact, also speaking to you.

I’m so sorry you’re going through this, and I’m so glad you’re here. 

If you’ve found yourself on this page because you recognize some patterns of abuse in yourself and you’re starting to realize that you may have some learning to do in this area, I couldn’t be happier that you’re here.

It’s one thing to speak to people who’ve been abused; it’s another thing entirely for those who’ve been abusive to come forward and admit their wrongdoings and to want to make changes within themselves.

It’s rare, and it’s important.

That’s how we disrupt this entire system. It’s how we redefine manhood. It’s how we break generations-long cycles of violence and oppression. And it’s how we heal.

So to all men who find themselves here, welcome. I’m so happy you’re here. And I love you for it.