Interview Policies

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in having me on your podcast or as part of your summit!


I’m a huge fan of collaboration and cross-promotion, but there are a few limits on what I’m willing to do, so please read on to find out what those are.

I will: 

  • Do any sort of interview via audio or video.
  • Participate in a Q+A on the topic of your choosing in your group, on social media, or other.
  • Promote our interview on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Send you interview questions in advance, should you want them (download my media kit here).
  • Promote your product, book, or program IF I’ve used/read/taken it and I can honestly stand behind it. If you know me at all you know that I’m a fierce supporter of women’s work in the world, but I’m very particular about what I recommend.

I will Not: 

  • Give out the size of my email list.
  • Create new freebies or content exclusively for your list.
  • Create any original content in advance of our interview.
  • Commit to sending a solo email to my list or to posting more than once on social media.
Please submit your request to and someone will get back to you shortly!