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All of these women have these things in common:


  • They urgently need answers and clarity

  • They need to know they’re not crazy

  • They need to know they’re not alone

  • They desperately want to do right by their children

  • They feel strong, successful, and empowered in various areas of their lives, but in their marriages they feel (or have felt) lost, vulnerable, victimized, disempowered, or just plain unhappy. 

Above shot of five women from different background, holding hands and laughing in pilates studio
And all of them have found, through my coaching programs, the clarity, confidence, empowerment, and strength to overcome some enormous hurdles and get through some intense transitions while putting their children at the center of every decision they make.
Grit & Grace has changed everything for me. I feel as if the ground under my feet has shifted from the mucky swampland to sturdy bedrock. I feel so much more connected to the world. I feel seen in a way I haven’t for so long. I have a mission now whereas only a few weeks ago I was floundering about like a fish out of water. Having the support and connection to a posse of women who truly understand my challenges has lifted me up and empowered me to face reality and finally reclaim my life.

- SK

Over the last five years there are a few things I’ve noticed in my practice — and in the world:

  1. The tide is shifting and more and more women are unwilling to remain in even mediocre marriages, let alone abusive ones. (We own our worth!)
  2. Women who have decided to leave their marriages are committed to doing the deep work necessary to never make the same mistakes again. (We own our strength!)
  3. Women who gather in community grow and learn at an exponential rate due to the wisdom and support they receive from other women in the same or similar positions. (We own our collective power!)

Women inherently know that our true power lies in our connection to other women.

This is why Community is one of the cornerstones of my business and one of my most deeply held personal values.

And now, for the first time ever, I’ve fused the personal needs of my clients with the need for all women to be in Community and created a revolutionary, all new community coaching experience.



Grit & Grace

An intimate community coaching experience for women contemplating, going through, or recovering from divorce.

“In ancient times women shared a lot more than they do today. They shared care of their babies, gathered food and cooked together. The women and the children shared their lives intimately, and were a source of strength and comfort to each other on a daily basis. Traditions like the Red Tent, where women came together during menstruation, often with synchronized cycles, were a beautiful time for nurturing, sharing women’s business and keeping each other resilient and happy. Today, women are a lot more isolated in their own homes and lives and more separate from each other. The opportunities for coming together are much more limited and the time spent together in this way greatly reduced. Because of this, women miss the beautiful healing and nourishment that comes from being with others.”WHY WOMEN NEED A TRIBE By Tanja Taljaard and Azriel Re’Shel

This is exactly why I created Grit & Grace.

We can all do this work in our separate corners of the earth, making big changes in our own lives, or we can come together, make seismic shifts in our own lives — and change the fucking world while we’re at it.

Hi, I'm Kate

You may know me as the host of the number one divorce podcast in the world, The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast. You may know me from my online community, Should I Stay or Should I Go? on Facebook. You may know me from Instagram or TikTok…

Hell, you might not know me at all! In that case, let me introduce myself… 

My name is Kate Anthony and it is my mission to empower women to recognize their power — in life and in relationships — and to dismantle systemic structures of oppression that keep marriages in gendered power imbalances.

I was in a very volatile marriage that I now understand to have been abusive, but when I was in it I had no words for it. It wasn’t until years later that I began to understand the true dynamic of my marriage and I’ve been studying abuse and relationships ever since.


I know first-hand what it’s like to agonize over whether to stay in or leave a marriage, to wonder if the grass is really greener on the other side, to wrestle with whether or not a divorce will fuck up my kid, and to be terrified of being alone forever.

I also know what it’s like to go through a divorce, to co-parent with someone who abused me for years, to set boundaries, to change them, to reset them, and to heal from devastating loss while having to be in contact with my abuser every day.

I know the grit it takes to walk through that fire and come out the other side with grace.

That’s why I do what I do.

And while I’ve been through all of this, I’m also trained and certified to lead you.

I am a Certified Co-Parenting Specialist (CoPS) through The Mosten Guthrie Academy, and am certified as a Domestic Violence Advocate by the state of California. Additionally, I was trained in various coaching modalities with two of the top coach training organizations in the world: CTI, where I was certified as a Professional CoActive Coach (CPCC), and CRR Global, where I was trained as an Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC). I’ve trained Fortune 500 organizations in emotional intelligence and communication, and coached thousands of women around the world.

There are few people in the world who are trained to do what I do, and almost no one as qualified to guide you on this journey.

Whether you’re getting divorced, trying to decide whether to stay or go, or #ontheotherside Grit & Grace will give you the tools to build the confidence, clarity, and purpose you’re craving, as well as direct coaching tools to help you move through whatever roadblocks you hit as you move through this time of transition and upheaval — all in an intimate community of women supporting you, cheering you on, holding you (virtually) when you cry, and being your biggest champions.
Joining Grit & Grace was, at this time in my life, one of the best decisions to help me through such a difficult time. The group calls are amazing, and the sense of community, sisterhood, validation, and support is invaluable. Kate has been outstanding in her wisdom, support, and calling it out exactly how it is. She not only helps you through the process of figuring out what your next step is but also provides you with a plethora of work to do in healing and moving toward the life you deserve.

- JR


Deep and foundational personal development work that will help ground you in who you are, and how you arrived at this moment in time. This work will provide you with the foundation for a lifetime of confidence and clarity in any situation. For more information on this, click here.

Vital building blocks of codependency, how it manifests in your relationships, and where it comes from. We’ll also look at how codependence is like a thread that weaves itself through things that are NOT YOUR FUCKING JOB, managing a partner or spouse’s addiction, infidelity, and mental illness, and so much more.

Techniques for healing and grief recovery that include emotional grounding, resentment-clearing processes, and healing from betrayal..

The nuts and bolts of divorce. How does it work? What about the kids? What’s a parenting plan and how do you make one? What’s the difference between mediation and litigation? Do I need a lawyer? Whether you’re getting divorced or not, it’s often important to have these questions answered so you know what might be happening around the corner.

How to have difficult conversations, from telling your husband you want a divorce to telling your kids you’re getting divorced, we’ll cover it all, including giving you scripts and templates so you go into every conversation feeling confident and prepared.

Co-Parenting through divorce, including low and high-conflict cases. We’ll work on how you might live together, separated, and use that time to your advantage, and help you craft parenting plans for all occasions.

Dealing with a high-conflict personality, whether they’re an abuser, a narcissist, or just an asshole, you’ll learn strategies and tricks to preserve your sanity and your pocketbook.

Money blocks and money clarity. What’s your money personality? What’s your money story? What kinds of shit gets in the way of you prospering on your own terms? Have you been a stay-at-home-mom? What will you get in child and/or spousal support? What’s a real barrier, and what’s a story? We’ll break it allllll down.

Shared parenting time can become an enormous bone of contention between divorcing couples and is often one of the things that ends up putting kids directly in the middle of a bitter divorce. What if there was a better way? How would it feel to create a parenting plan and shared parenting schedule that truly centered around your children? Amazing, that’s how. And I’ll tell you exactly how to do it.

What's Included:

  • 60-minute personalized 1:1 intake session with me so I can get to know your story and your needs, and make specific and targeted suggestions for the work ahead.
  • Personalized Grit &Grace Program Map (PPM): my customized suggestions for your roadmap through the program with specific exercises I think would benefit you the most.
  • Weekly 90-120-minute calls the first three Thursdays of every month at 9am Pacific. (Find your timezone here.) These calls are open Q+A and include laser coaching sessions. Calls are recorded for those unable to attend live.
  • Monthly guest expert workshops in which I bring in one of my favorite experts on a topic of my choosing (or your request), and you learn from the best of the best. Past guests have included:
    • Christina McGhee, author of Parenting Apart, on all things co-parenting and divorce
    • My Divorce Solution on divorce and your money
    • Dr. Christine Cocchioloa on unpacking coercive control
    • Robert Bahedry of Breathe with Robert on using breathwork to help process trauma
    • Susan Guthrie, Esq. on the legalities of divorce 
    • Dr. Amelia Kelley on healing from gaslighting
  • Lifetime membership in the Grit & Grace Facebook Group to post questions and get daily support from me and the group.
  • Access to Sanity Saver Sessions at a discounted rate while in the program. Sanity Saver Sessions are one-hour private coaching sessions designed to help you work through a specific issue that may be too big for a group session.
  • Access to the past guest expert workshop library while in the program.
  • Access to annual retreats at a discounted rate.

How it works: ​

  • Enrollment is ongoing, which means you can join at any time. 
  • Click the link below and book a private consultation ($75 fee applies) to be sure this program is right for you.
  • During our consultation, if we both feel that this program is the best option for your growth at this time, and if I truly believe I can help you on your journey, I’ll invite you to join Grit & Grace.
  • I’ll take your credit card information on the phone and you’ll immediately be sent information on how to set up your intake call, instructions to access all program materials, and Zoom links to join our weekly calls.
women on couch

What You Get:

  • Real-time access to one of the top experts in the areas of divorce, healthy relationships, and making the decision to stay or go who also happens to be a certified co-parenting specialist, a certified domestic violence advocate, and all around “Communication Queen.”
  • Absolute clarity about the many paths that lie ahead of you, and which to take, when.
  • Support and community from a group of women just like you to walk you through your journey.
  • Lifetime friendships built on mutual trust and sisterhood.
  • Immediate answers to your most pressing and difficult questions.
  • Freedom from doubt, guilt, shame, and the swirl of confusion.


Lifetime access into my online programs:

✓ Should I Stay or Should I Go?

✓ The Divorce Survival Program

✓ Tackling Codependence


  • You’re contemplating, going through, or healing from divorce.
  • You’re into personal responsibility and not afraid to look at your own shit.
  • You’ve done therapy or coaching, or regularly consume personal development content (books, podcasts, etc.) and are ready to do some deep work and move theory into action.
  • You’re emotionally stable, and your therapist thinks this is a good idea.
  • You’re worried you might be being abused, and are concerned about what that might be doing to your kids.
  • You have an open mind and are willing to dig deeply and uncover things that might challenge and confront you.
  • You believe that Black Lives Matter, women’s rights are human rights, no human is illegal, science is real, love is love, and kindness is everything.
  • You’re already a fan of The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast and follow me on social media and you know I’m your kinda chick.


  • You’re looking for a quick fix. This work is deep, rigorous and will ask a lot of you. 
  • Your trauma is acute, and you’re still in deep and active therapeutic recovery that would make a group program contra-indicated.
  • You’re convinced it’s all his fault and if he’d just do what you tell him to do, everything would be fine.
  • You’re not willing or able to commit the time. It’s my commitment that all women who go through this program are deeply transformed by it. If you don’t have the time to commit to it, that simply won’t happen.
  • You want one-on-one attention and coaching. (If that’s you, private coaching is probably a better option.)
  • You’re anti-gay, anti-diversity, and anti-feminist. We’re gonna get deep into this shit, and it’s important that you’re open-minded on the topic. (And yes, it’s relevant. More than you may think.)
  • You’re bothered by swearing. Hi, have you fucking met me?


Yes. If you identify as a woman, this program is for you.

Absolutely! While I’m a cis-hetero woman and that’s my experience of divorce I have worked with many lesbian women. Much of the patriarchal power imbalances that show up in cis-hetero relationships also show up in LGBTQIA relationships because patriarchy is patriarchy and it’s fucking everywhere.

Yes, all members will be at different points in their journey, both in terms of why they’re in the program (trying to decide whether to stay or go, getting divorced, or healing post-divorce) and where they’re at in the coursework. That’s by design. Having women at different stages of the work is what helps build community and mentorship. A true community is run by and for its members, with those who’ve been around longer (sometimes called “elders”) supporting those who are newer, or younger by sharing their experiences. This is how communities thrive, and that’s how this program will as well.

The great thing about Grit & Grace is that, much like the work we have to do on ourselves, there is no end. There is a minimum commitment of three months, after which you may continue, month-to-month, for as long as you want to. 

Yes. Because I want this to be as intimate an experience as possible, after 20 participants I will open a new cohort. It’s important that everyone feels that they’re getting the coaching they need on each call, and while it’s rare that an entire cohort shows up on every call, I will hold that as a firm boundary.

Missing a call or two and listening to the recording is fine, but if you can’t make the calls regularly, private coaching will be better for you.

While you’re in the program you’ll have access to all current and past guest expert workshops so you can watch anything you may have missed while you’re an active member. Note: This isn’t lifetime access; you will only have access while you’re an active member of the program.

On the one hand, I hear this so often, and that’s one of the absolute beauties of group work: you will almost immediately realize that whatever your experience, someone else in the group has had it too. There’s almost nothing that’s unique, and certainly nothing that’s shameful.

That being said, if you’re a really private person and group work feels too vulnerable and exposing for you, you may do better with private coaching.

Coaching with Kate was one of the best decisions I made during this period. Kate was able to offer me practical advice, create healthier ways for me to work with my co-parent, and help me reconnect with my power. Kate is the perfect balance of care, humor, lightness, and directness. As a result of our work, I feel clear, more confident, and better equipped to tackle all the things logistical and emotional that come with the life changing process of divorce. If you are considering working with Kate, I have one piece of it!

- DG