This week I get to share my interview with activist documentary filmmaker, Ginger Gentile. Ginger is the filmmaker of a movie I think is super important for everyone to see, called Erasing Family.

Erasing Family is a film about parental alienation, but it’s also an exposé of the family court system and gives really important information about why we need to stay as far away from court as possible during divorce.

Many people ask, “What’s the first thing I should do when I decide to divorce?” And my answer is always, “Educate yourself.” Ginger’s film is a great way to begin to do that.

Show Highlights

  • The inspiration for Ginger’s documentary, Erasing Family. (2:59)
  • Some of the characteristics of parental alienation: such as love is not unconditional, instead, it’s conditional and it is not a gender issue. (10:06)
  • The damaging messages children receive from parental alienation. (15:39)
  • Why family court is NOT the proper venue to decide custody. (30:35)
  • The importance of shared parenting. (34:18)
  • How to approach reunification after parental alienation. (48:18)

Learn More About Ginger:

Ginger Gentile is an activist documentary filmmaker dedicated to addressing ignored issues and shedding light on solutions. With her documentary ERASING FAMILY which premiered at Lincoln Center in 2019 she exposed the trauma children suffer when a loving parent is erased by the divorce courts, a problem that affects over 22 million families in the US alone. Ginger crowdfunded over $430,000 for the film.

Resources & Links:

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